Thursday, 29 January 2015

Abbott, or He Who Would Be Flinged! - The AIM Network

Abbott, or He Who Would Be Flinged! - The AIM Network

When I made various predictions about Mr Abbott’s time as PM, there were those that scoffed. But I hate to say I told you so.

Ok, all right, he hasn’t actually declared the ACT the true Vatican
City, and declared that not only is he the one, true Pope, but I
consider the Prince Philip thing slightly less likely. And slightly more
bizarre. So I’m putting that one down as a win.

Anyway, I’m about to make even more predictions based on getting
three and a half  out of the ten I made about Abbott  have turned out to
be true. (All right, it doesn’t sound impressive, but being completely
wrong most of the time never stops politicians, racing and footy
tipsters or economists. Even Steven Keane keeps predicting a crash to
housing bubble in Australia, and eventually he’ll be right. The fact
that he’s been predicting it since last century won’t stop him from
saying, “I told you so, that house you paid a whopping $250k for back in
1998 is now worth a mere $1.3 million after the crash. I told you to
sell back when it was worth $400k!”)

  • Abbott will call a double dissolution in the next couple of months
    in the hope of forcing Murdoch to back him rather than risking a
    leadership spill so close to the election.
  • No Murdoch journalist will write a word until after Murdoch has tweeted.
  • Julie Bishop will have lunch with Murdoch where they’ll discuss whether she can become PM after Abbott wins the election.
  • Murdoch will agree that it’s a fine idea, before ringing Bill
    Shorten to say that he’s always thought that he was a damn fine man, and
    – once he’s elected – could he perhaps ensure that those hot-heads in
    the Labor Party don’t do anything to upset his business interests.
  • Shorten will play both sides of the fence.
  • George Pell will tweet that social media is evil and only Abbott can save us from this electronic graffiti.
  • Abbott will lose the election.
  • Turnbull will suggest that, if you get tired of Bill, that he’s
    available as a compromise candidate for PM, because he’s pretty much
    prepared to say whatever he’s told so long as he’s given clear
  • Christopher Pyne will become Opposition Leader because nobody else will want the job.
  • At his first press conference, Pyne will say that he’s happy that
    Bishop will be his Deputy, because she’s done such as exceptional job as
  • When told that the Bishop who’s his deputy is Julie, not Bronwyn,
    he’ll claim that he didn’t read the final vote, and he’s happy with
    anyone who’s prepared to be his deputy because the important thing is to
    make sure people know exactly how much money Labor have wasted since
    being elected.
  • Pyne will say that there’s no evidence of climate change and that
    there have always been polar bears floating on icebergs past Cairns.
  • Rupert Murdoch will bet some other billionaire that he can make Pyne PM within three years.
  • Bill Shorten will be surprised that no matter what he does, nobody likes him.
  • His wife will tell him that it’s surprising, because they don’t even know how bad his breath is.
  • In 2018, Christopher Pyne will declare that he’s been elected Prime
    Minister, but this will later change because – before he’s sworn in – 32
    Liberals will move to the cross benches, saying that their best chance
    of being re-elected is as an Independent who actually says something
    intelligent instead of having to justify whatever crap the leader says.
    One of them will say, “Been there, done that, was given the T-shirt in
    the hope that I wouldn’t speak to the media, and this time I expected at
    least a better attempt at a bribe!”
  • Abbott will drop dead and leave a dying request that he be buried on top of Rupert Murdoch.
  • Rupert will point out that he’s not dead, but others will point out that Abbott was aware of this at the time.
  • Peta Credlin will write an expose of her time in Canberra.
  • Christopher Pyne will try to give her a knighthood, in spite of the fact that they were abolished in 2015.

Yeah, all right. But who’d have believed that Abbott would try to
knight a Duke? I mean that can’t even be passed off as a chess move.

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