Thursday, 8 January 2015

"I'm With Stupid" Man Arrested; Imagine If He'd Been Against Stupid! - The AIM Network

"I'm With Stupid" Man Arrested; Imagine If He'd Been Against Stupid! - The AIM Network

“I’m With Stupid” Man Arrested; Imagine If He’d Been Against Stupid!

Ok, for those of you who haven’t caught up with the Queensland man
who was arrested for standing next to LNP supporters and waving while
wearing an “I’m With Stupid” T-Shirt I give you the link “The Courier Mail”‘s report just so you know that it isn’t made up!

Now, because I write on this site, I’m often accused of being a
lefty, which is ridiculous because I’m a Capitalist through and through.
Any time I see I chance to make money, I’m there, and I’d be as rich as
Gina or Rupert if it wasn’t for the fact that – like the current
government – I suffer from poor marketing.

I read the article and immediately saw an opportunity to make a few
bucks by marketing a t-shirt saying “I’m Not With Stupid – I’m Voting
xxx”. Of course, The Greens would be too full of priniciple to replace
the xxx with “Green”, and Labor supporters don’t have any money because
they’ve put everything on the credit card, so the obvious person to
approach with the idea was Clive Palmer.

Initiallly, his representative was very supportive and said that most
of the members of his party wanted one. However, when it was discovered
that the PUP members, in fact, wanted one with Clive Palmer’s photo
instead of Campbell Newman’s, apparently Clive went cold on the idea.

Senator Lambie, on the other hand…

All right, I’m making it up. In a country where people are arrested
for creating a public disturbance by waving while wearing a t-shirt, I
feel that I have to make that clear. Just as I feel that I feel I need
to make it clear that he was lucky that he wasn’t arrested under the
VLAD laws.

And, while I’m at it, I also feel that I have to set the record
straight on what I wrote about Abbott not visiting South Australia or
commenting on their bushfires. He went there “as soon as he could” and
offered them $4 million. Which is really extraordinarily generous. After
all, he only offered $5 million to Iraq!

Perhaps, John Cleese should have the final say!


P.S. For those who have pointed out that I posted the wrong link, I’m
posting the accident as well, in case anyone is looking for it. (Yes,
yes, it is ironic that I post a link on stupidity and it’s the wrong
link, yes it is ironic, yes, this is why I could never be a member of
Abbott’s front bench because I can actually acknowledge when I make a
mistake, and clearly none of them can or we’d have mass resignations and
This is the John Lloyd one which I accidentally posted which although it’s a little longer is thoroughly worth it: John Lloyd.

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